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An integrative approach to the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic

Building bridges between osseous, tonal, and postural models

Bio-Geometric Integration is a conceptual understanding which enhances the chiropractor's knowledge of the human body. Founded and developed by Dr. Susan Brown, D.C.  BGI is a framework for understanding how the subluxation expresses through the system.  BGI seminars provide an understanding of the innate geometry of the body and force dynamics surrounding the creation and release of subluxations. The philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic are examined from a post- Newtonian point of view, providing the opportunity to express and understand chiropractic in accord with contemporary science. Through understanding the innate geometry of the body, the chiropractor is able to more effectively and gently release the subluxation and assess the effectiveness of the adjustment. The geometric understanding of the body also serves to bridge the gap between the many techniques of chiropractic by providing a common language and understanding from which to converse.

BGI-1     The Foundational Concepts of BGI and the Posterior Geometry
BGI-2     The Anterior and Saggital Planes of the Body
BGI-3     The Coronal Planes and the Tetrahedrons

"The art of chiropractic is much more than an application of a technique or an introduction of a force. 
It is a melding of substance and being; of technical precision and heart centered connection.
In the moment of the adjustment, two become one; a synergistic flow begins toward growth and evolution. 
The power and creativity of nature are unleashed, awakening us to the realization that the
adjustment is alive and dynamically in motion."
-Sue Brown, DC






Whether you are a new student in chiropractic college,
or have been a chiropractor in practice for 30 years,
our seminars will challenge your skills, open your mind, and excite you about
what is possible for you, for chiropractic, for your practice, and for humanity.
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