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Sue Brown

The idea of perfection in the expression of chiropractic and what that really means can be a bit overwhelming.  In fact, I have been contemplating it for most of my chiropractic life and the potential of what we have sometimes feels bigger than I can fully grasp.  Imagine a world of people expressing their full potential.  Imagine a world of people who are aware, at the deepest levels, of their connection to all other living beings.  It would be impossible for crimes against others to occur.  War, greed, hate, prejudice, abuse, etc. would all be things of the past.  They simply could not exist if each living being was fully expressing their infinite potential.  Wow, what an amazing world that would be.  So let’s get on to creating it.  Let’s wipe the slate clean, grant a big do over, dream a little dream, and have a little fun!